Monday, 5 June 2017

Its been a happily busy and enjoyable week....I have finished weaving a scarf and the body of my next coat.  In between bouts of weaving I have relished the beautiful weather, and of course, enjoyed my little art hut.  It is so good to live by the sea, and some days see me sitting outside a beachhut with my spinning wheel!  Having said that, as I write this, something has happened is blowing a gale and the rain is lashing down>  Oh well, at least we never get bored in this country!! A lot of my time seems to have been about organising the sales and reprints of my book.  I am amazed at how it is selling.  I have now got an ISBN no. so the third printing is going to be come an official member of the British Library!! Who would have thought it....I never dreamed of becoming an all just sort of happened!! Keep well and enjoy your week x

Sunday, 28 May 2017

We have had some fantastic weather this week - oh, how I love the sun and warmth!  Clearly the flowers do too - this time of year everything is looking so vibrant and joyous....and this definitely affects my creativity!!  (by the way this weaving is going to be a coat!)  I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a loom outside....there is something really special about calmly weaving whilst listening to the birds chirping and having a lovely breeze blowing.  It sounds idyllic I know.  Ok so we can hear some traffic, some aeroplanes and some neighbours but I tend to screen them out!!  The other news of the week is that my first batch of books has completely sold out , so I am now awaiting a re-print.  I can't really believe what a positive response I have had.....I-ve been on quite a whirl...with other thoughts and ideas buzzing around in my head.  I am finally planning to give up my part-time work, and I now would like to concentrate on my textiles.  It does feel rather self-indulgent, but maybe at my ripe old age I deserve it!!??  Anyway I shall see how the next fe months go, but I am looking forward to immersing myself in my passion.  Have a good week everybody - and thank you for the lovely comments. x

Friday, 19 May 2017

I have been in a green mood today.....probably because of all the luscious foliage around at this time of year!  At the moment I am working on a pink/blue coat - so to spin greens makes a nice change.   I've had a very busy week and spent quite a lot of time posting my book to various parts of the world.  It has been exciting for me and I am now having to get a re-print!   However I am looking forward to getting back to some actual weaving next week - I really miss time at the loom.  Today I have finally found a good outfit for my son's wedding
 and no, Im not going to wear the hat!! I'll post photos after the event in September! Im now going to play around with various setting for this blog....I can never seem to find a background that I really like - but shall keep on trying!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I was asked to make a hat to display at the Open Houses art trail next I went slightly crazy!!  Maybe I should wear it to my son's wedding in September...?? Maybe not!  This week has been brilliant - my dear friend, who lives in Italy has been to stay.  As you can see - we had some fun!  There's nothing like good friends......we have been close for 43 years so have a lot of history.  It now seems really quiet - but maybe I can get on with some weaving!! I showed a jacket in my last post.  It has arrived in USA and the recipient is delighted (so am I!)  It was quite a challenge to make something specific and I was concerned it wouldn't fit, but all is well.  Also, the other big news - my book arrived, and already it has sold well.  I am certainly enjoying this new experience.  Have a good week x

Thursday, 4 May 2017

I received the paperback proof of my book, and I am really pleased with it.  The colour, and quality of paper is better than I had I have now ordered 50 to be printed.  I can't wait for them to arrive and then I can start selling.  Mind you, at the rate I'm going I'll probably be making a massive loss because I keep on telling friends etc. that I'll give them one!!This has occupied my mind, but I have also been busy working away on the latest jacket.  It was a bit of a struggle - but once I start I have to keep going!!  Anyway, I finished it last night, and its now all packed up ready to be shipped to the States.  I know I'm pathetic, but I always feel a bit sad when I say goodbye to my weavings.  A little bit of me goes away with them....But, as you can see, I have now started another jacket.  My brief is pink and blue and no orange!!  I'll see what I can do.  Have a good week x

Monday, 24 April 2017

The colours of Spring are everywhere.....and clearly they must be influencing my dyeing sessions!   Although, to be honest, as I am sure some of you may be aware, I always tend to go for bright, happy colours.  Maybe one day I'll discipline myself to sober down a bit.....but aren't the flowers absolutely gorgeous?  I took these photos during this last week....and I guess they'll keep me going through next winter.  Talking about winter, the temperature is dropping today which is a  bit of a shock because we really have had some lovely warm weather recently.  As ever, I have been weaving and sent a scarf off across the Pond this week.  Also I have just started sewing up a jacket, and....started weaving another!! Keeps me happy and busy.  Having said that, Ive been a bit fed up this week as Ive had my third cold in as many months!  I couldn't
 believe it when I got yet another sore throat.  Ugh...but I am beginning to feel slightly more human again, and in the grand scheme of things, a cold isn't that bad ......have a good week everyone x

Saturday, 15 April 2017

We had a great time at Disneyland and the weather was fabulous.  I enjoyed seeking out the beautiful spots.......the park itself is so attractive but my guess is, most people miss it!  Of course the rides and attractions are amazing but my favourite remains....Its A Small a few pics here!!   I could sit in that little boat cruising around the 'World"all day.  I did go on it three times (how sad is that!!) Anyway, we finally got home,  after having to sit and wait on the plane whilst they fixed a fault!!  Slightly nerve-wracking - but we made it. Its always good to get home, and today Ive been back at the loom and finished another scarf.  Ive also been working on the paperback edition of Fibrefrenzi Artweave.  I'm so excited to actually get my hands on it!   Spring is now well and truly here and it is a daily joy to be outside, hearing the birdsong and breathing in the sunlight.....have a good week everyone and Happy Easter x